About us

e-delikat Idea

My name is Attila Rettig. Born and raised in Budapest/Hungary. After a long time in Germany I moved to Poland – for family reasons. While being a senior trainer and language teacher for companies and language schools I started thinking: I love my job but how can I improve myself in another way? How can I find another  challenge? How can I combine my hobbies and passions to create a new business project?

As a Hungarian guy I just love tasty and spicy food. And Összesof course paprika, both powder and vegetable. Somehow it’s in our veins. I love the delicious smell and taste of the sweet and the spicy paprika. Also I always have been a big fan of different honey products: honey itself, propolis and bee pollen, which is considered as a so called “super food” in a lot of countries and by a lot of serious institutes. Both paprika and honey products are healthy, contain 0% chemistry and have a delicious taste: what’s wrong with that?

So, back to my thinking period: What can I do as a Hungarian guy living in Poland looking for some new challenges in the business area? The idea just came like a hurricane: Selling these products which I grew up with, which I use daily and which I like very much!

There are a lot of reasons for me to start my business selling delicate food from Hungary in Poland:

  • These products are guaranteed 100% naturally, in other words they contain 0% chemistry.
  • I know the products so I can stand by them entirely because these products are not simply delicious but they also have high quality standards and are healthy. Therefore I can sell them with clear conscience and full of confidence.
  • I know the professional manufacturer personally and there is only one step between them and the customer: it’s me. No covered commissions, no second, third or fourth hand. It’s me who’s buying the products directly from the manufacturers and it’s me who’s ensuring the delivery of the good directly to my customers. This way of trade enabpaprika_chililes me to offer affordable prices and it guarantees that I’ll deliver you only products which I know.
  • Thank the high standards in the e-commerce, nowadays searching and buying are very easy. The different opportunities to choose the appropriate payment method make the online shopping safe and secure. Online shopping makes fun!

And this is only a start. My plan is to expand the product range not only by other different sorts of honey and paprika products but by numerous other goods like marzipan, goose liver, truffles, wine, pálinka (a kind of fruit brandy) etc. as well.

So don’t worry, they will come 😉 This needs time but I’m confident:

Tasty, healthy and high quality food makes the quality of our life better.