Acacia honey 1000g

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Light and clear honey. Mild taste, high fructose content. Directly from the manufacturer.

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Product information

A light and clear honey made from the blossoms of Robinia pseudoacacia (aka Black Locust/American Acacia) has a mild delicate floral taste and is one of the most popular and sweetest honey varieties. It lasts as a liquid due to being high in fructose. It has a fairly low acid content, and is excellent for sweetening without altering the taste or the aroma of beverages. Its sweetness also perfectly balances the salty tang of cheese. Because of the climatic circumstances and the long tradition of bee keeping the Hungarian honey is a high quality product. All of the types of my honey were collected in industriefree areas which guarantees the purity of the products.

Acacia honey is a so called Hungaricum (high quality product which has its roots in Hungary).

Health effects

Excellent natural medicine when dealing with digestive problems. Because of its low sucrose content, it is a great choice for diabetics. Relieves the cough and has a general desinfecting effect. About the honey benefits read more: Honey benefits



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