Lime-tree honey 250g

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Golden color. Delicate, fresh taste. Directly from the manufacturer.

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Product information

The small-leaved lime-tree grows in moist, clay soil and has clusters of small, yellow-white fragrant flowers hanging from slender stems. Lime-tree honey is one of those honey varieties that will completely change the misconception of those who think that honey is no more than just sugared water. It has a light yellow color and a very distinctive yet delicate fresh woody scent.

Health effects

Because of its sedative and antiseptic qualities, it’s a beloved honey before bedtime. It is recommended in cases of anxiety and insomnia. Lime-tree honey can be combined with a bath of linden blossoms before sleep. Lime-tree honey is also effectively used in the treatment of colds, cough and bronchitis. About the honey benefits read more: Honey benefits


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