Hungarian paprika 50g spicy

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Spicy Hungarian paprika is perfect for your favorite goulash or many other dishes. Fresh paprika has a full and hot pepper flavor. It’s much more than a pretty garnishing color!

100% nature, 0% chemicals. Directly from the manufacturer.


This very high quality spicy paprika is from the Szeged region of Hungary. Hungarian spicy paprika is the paprika of choice for such classic Middle-European dishes as goulash or chicken paprikash. It also makes a flavorful garnish for deviled eggs, potato or pasta salads, baked chicken or fish.

Hungarian spicy paprika is one of the bests in the world, as Hungary has the sunshine needed for sweet, rich flavor, and the knowledgeable farmers to nurture the crop from planting to harvest. About the benefits read more: Paprika benefits

Be careful: it’s hot!


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