Sunflower honey 50g

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Golden brown color. Floral, warm fresh-fruity aroma. Medium sweetness. Directly from the manufacturer.

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Product information

Sunflower is a well known oily plant, that when it begins to pollinate presents a very important bee pasture. Sunflower flowers give bees during favorable year abundance of nectar and pollen powder. It crystallizes rapidly (about two months) but it doesn’t change anything regarding quality or taste. The crystallazing occures because of its high glucose content. When crystallized it forms very small crystals with a refreshing taste (like “fondant”).

Health effects

It acts beneficially for stomach-intestine, lung, and kidney diseases, and especially for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It affects wound healing, dermatitis, rhinitis and sinusitis. It is recommended for all heart patients, older people that need rest and additional energy, and children during their development. As other honeys it owns anti-microbial properties. About the honey benefits read more: Honey benefits


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